Saturday, February 12, 2005

People want to know

if writing Atlanta Nights was hard. It is a good question. Writing Atlanta Nights was not as simple as just stitting down and carving the words on paper. Even if I had had paper which I didn't because I used a computer monitor it would not have been that simple. The book had to be 100% FACTUALLYACCURATE if it was to blow the lid off the seamy underbelly of the cross-section of society i wanted to rip the lid off and and that meant performing in-depth reseach of the bazaar behavior of Atlanta's upper Crust. that meant literally hours of interviews with the people who know them, from their doormen to their cleaning ladies to the people who walk their dogs, and sometimes even the people themselves. i can tell you that the shocking behavior immortalized in the book doesn't even begin to varnish the surface of what I saw with my own two eyes and sometimes with even more. I saw rainy days and thrown golf clubs and nasty spats in night clubs. Sometimes my investigational actions were dangerous. i was threttened and i was hunted. at one point i was ejected from a country club wedding just for asking questions of the bride during the ceremony. Some people would have been discouraged and just written some stopid science fiction or something but a dedicated novelist knows that means he's on the 'write'tract,ha ha. These people all have something to hide but they can't hide from the truth, or from me when I'm writing the truth, which they want to sweep under the rug with a ten foot pool. These are sick people, they are demented people,and they are corrupt people who think they can dictate to the rest of us with their approved guest lists and their hoyty toyty restraining orders. They must beexposed for what they are which is S - N - O - B - S with a capital S, or actually two since theres one of each end of the word. A great writers job is to tell the unpolished FACTS of the situation no matter where the Mewes leads them and in doing my research that was the primary fact I kept in mind, along with the number one priority of any great racketeer which was telling a powerful thrilling sexy story which would keep my vast audience of future faithful readers turning the pages long after they got to the end of the book. I dont deny that I made some stuff up in the prociss but I can tell you that everything I said or did or wrote about rrepresents the way these people really are, and that I had to keep moving around during the more than one week it took to write it to make sure that they didn't use their influence against me. Now that the book is out and gaining nationwide attention all over the country (this one), I know that they will just deny this and paint me as a crank who doesn't know what he's talking about. But they know that they have already lost. ATLANTA NIGHTS exposes them for what they are and even as I type these words including this one, here, it is approaching one hundred million sales one book at a timeand they're days of living in silence are numbered just like its very pages.Theyhave lost and as god is my witness I will not go Hungary again.


Anonymous Honeste Tea said...


Is that you, boy? I am concerned.

Your aunt Honeste.

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Hi ;)
wow... what unbalanced newz!
what do you think about it?

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NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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